Our football predictions are based on a lot of statistics, data, results, analysis and other mathematical elements. When writing about the predictions, news as well as the form of players and football teams can be crucial. The news may be about a penalty or injury to a player, a scandal, a player returning to the team, etc. Scandals or injured players on the team can have a big impact on the match in question.

Changes in the team can also be the key to a winning ticket. Changes in the staff or lack of focus can also have a big impact, and spotting such news will give you a big advantage when picking odds – with good profits to follow.

However, our tips do not guarantee a profit. It’s entirely our own assessment and analysis for how we think the game will unfold. Whether our predictions should be used is entirely up to you!

We bear no responsibility to players who choose to place bets based on our tips!

Football betting tips

What makes Nostrabet’s tip different from all the others? We do not intend to offer you only 1X2 market predictions. Football predictions for Over/Under bets, are currently very popular. The increasing number of surprises we see in almost every tournament is the reason why you will also receive alternative betting predictions from us.

It is exactly surprises like these that lead to higher odds in comparison to the low returns on the popular bet types. Also the lack of security when placing your bets. Our football predictions include championship matches in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France as well as Champions League and Europa League tournaments. On our TV football schedule you can also find out where the various live broadcasts are taking place.

Last but not least, we always take into account the position of two teams, the history of any rivalry, as well as statistics for recent months. Play responsibly and take heart in our Nostrapedia predictions, strategies and guidelines, which have been put together with a lot of research. You should therefore keep an open eye and be on the lookout for value bets with the best odds.

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